Fly Tyers

We are arranging for a large event tent that will be put up at the Clave.A salmon & steelhead fly tying theme is being added to the Clave and willbe housed in the tent.I have 5 guest tyers lined up so far and am working on a few more.Each tyer will be tying and demonstrating a few of their favourite salmon and steelhead patterns.There will be a couple of tyers busy at work in the tent through out the day.

spey flies


Rob and Tama Clarke have been fly tying and fishing the better part of 25 years. Their unique styles of tying classics with a mix of old and new techniques and materials have proven to be of great success. Creating Steelhead patterns for the southern Ontario water is there passion. Their fun loving spirit is infectious to say the least and they truly love what they are doing. Come join them for a weekend of fun and learning.
Jin Lee (aka whiskygin) started fishing back in Korea his native land in 1977. He migrated to Canada in 1987 and took up to fly fishing with the bamboo single hand trout rod followed by Double Handed Spey rods which he has been doing this for the past 11 years. Self thought Jin is an accomplished single and double hand caster and a renowned angler well known on his home waters “the Credit River.” He has spent over two decades perfecting his technique in both casting and tying flies. He has taught many anglers the art of fly and spey fishing and favours the traditional methods of fishing with a fly on a bamboo rod or the double handed rods. […]
Picking up the spey rod 4 years ago, Steve has found a new love for chasing steelhead. His tying skills are well advertised from tying intruders, tubes, and traditional spey patterns. When he is not chasing steelhead with his two handed rod, you will find Steve on the flats of the Great Lakes in pursuit of carp or drifting down the beautiful rivers of Ontario chasing smallmouth bass. Steve will be tying up some of his favourite patterns during the Clave that are proven to work on Ontario’s rivers.
Larry Mellors was born, raised and has lived his whole life in the City of Brantford where the beautiful Grand River flows through. While Larry was growing up, many nights throughout the year, his mom would make a picnic supper for the family to enjoy while fishing between Wilkes and Indian Dams on the Grand. Larry had fishing bred into his bloodlines. During the 60’s and 70’s, Ontario’s outdoor media would regularly contact Larry’s father, Don, and write stories about his fishing prowess for rainbow trout. They referred to his father as “Ontario’s Rainbow Trout King”. Larry started fishing at the age of three and by the age of five had landed his first migratory rainbow trout from Big Creek, […]