Dec Hogan


Dec Hogan has often been referred to as “a guide’s guide” and “a steelheader’s steelheader.”   Why? Because he knows his stuff inside and out. The boon to that is he’s as passionate and adept about teaching and sharing information as he is doing it. Hogan lived the dream guiding steelhead fly anglers year ‘round on many of The Pacific Northwest’s premier rivers from the 1989 through 2003. Now Dec is realizing his other dream occupation and is a fulltime Firefighter/EMT in Layton, Utah. A retirement pension, health insurance, and job security ain’t such a bad thing either.

Hogan’s schedule at the firehouse allows him ample time to continue instructing and entertaining the fly fishing masses and designing rods for Echo, and fly lines for Airflo. He has written, and continues to write for, many of North America’s fly fishing publications, is an accomplished photographer and is one of the world’s foremost sought after spey casting instructors. Dec has starred in both spey casting and fly tying instructional DVD’s as well as authoring the highly acclaimed must-have book, A Passion for Steelhead. Wild River Press.

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