Courtney Ogilvie

courtney-ogilvieThe interesting side of Courtney Ogilvie, Spey Caster, Fly Casting instructor, Fly Fishing
instructor, outdoor writer, merchant and passionate fly fisher. Is there ever really way to
describe someone.

Being influenced by his Grandmother during his early years in Southern New Brunswick
fishing for Brook Trout ,Striped Bass ,Eastern Shad and even the occasional Atlantic Salmon.
Fly Fishing came natural simply because it was the only way to fish Atlantic Salmon and god
knows his ears would be very red if he did other. His first encounter with a Two Handed rod
came innocently when playing hooky with friends making their way to the South West
Miramichi. The rod was a 3 pc. Steel Two Handed rod that squeaked during every time under
load…a bit rusty and cleverly dressed. Today you find his interests in developing Switch and
Spey lines and assisting several companies designing more efficient fly rods, and of course
crossing the country promoting and teaching Spey Casting techniques. Courtney and his wife
Val Taylor were instrumental in introducing and promoting the first Switch Rods in Canada.
In 2006 they went into business as Ogilvie Outfitting distributing Beulah and Snowbee across
Canada and have since branched out to include Mystic fly rods and Vision fly fishing products.
Through their small retail outlet Nile Creek Fly Shop, located on the Central East coast of
Vancouver Island, they stay close to the grain of the business and more importantly the
people . Enjoying a year round fishery with beach fishing for Pacific Salmon beginning in July
carying on thru November followed by and including both Summer and Winter Steelhead. A
very innovative and well known Steelhead fly tyer seconded by his unique and again very
effective Beach flies keeps him at the vice as often as he can.
All this activity is shared between West Coast fishing, East Coast Rivers, lots of Travel thru
the Carribian , Belize, Baja Penninsula , Yukon and more. Of course you often find him
spelling out the merits of the new Beulah nano (Oynx) spey and switch rods, and then of
course the co­designed Mystic Spey and Switch rods. If there is any One way to describe his
casting style is efficiently smooth. Influenced greatly by the late Mike Maxwell, Goren
Andersen, good friend Andy Murray and Scott MacKenzie .

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