Marty Tannahill


Born and raised on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron), a perfect venue for fishing, I have enjoyed everything this area has to offer. Fishing began for me at the summer cottage when I was 9 years old. By 16, I was the proud owner of my first fly rod. As an adult, I continued to fish, primarily with gear, until one spring I was invited to fish the famous rivers of the Catskills. From that time forward, I’ve gravitated to fishing with a fly rod.

I’ve had some exceptional mentors guiding me as I developed as a fly-caster/fisherman. Over the years, I have achieved the FFF Casting Instructor, Master Casting Instructor and Two-Handed Casting Instructor Certifications.

I have taught and provided casting workshops for clubs and organizations. Individual instruction and certification testing continue to keep me focused, as I am encouraged to see casters develop their skills.

Seasonally, you can find me somewhere on the “Notty” trying to encourage the silver beauties to grab on to my various creations. I’ve fished all over Canada, including the arctic and some of the northern US states. I’m convinced that all fish have angling value but with a fly rod it’s special.

Retired, I get to play a lot and I divide my outdoor time between wilderness canoeing and paddling instruction; as well as, photography, fly-fishing and casting instruction.

Marty Tannahill
503 Con Rd 15W
Tiny, ON L9M 0K3

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